My names jake and i certainly do love movies fisticuffs and skulls! Feel free to ask about anything that tickles your fancy. (OOC: this is my first attempt at rping so constructive criticism is welcome)

*sings along*

Pon pon dragon punch!

Those arent the correct lyrics are they

Politics and such thanks for the vote

I never voted for you I live in the middle of the ocean you fart

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seduction level Jake English

TG: Well hello there

TG: …

TG: diddlyfucking heck!!

looks like were not on the SAME PAGE hahahahahahahaha omgf I crack myslef up sometiems

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(OOC: alrighty guys, i need to go to bed now! i’ll answer the rest of the asks in my inbox tomorrow. jfc, honestly didnt expect to get this many messages and followers within mere hours of starting the blog. thanks a bunch everyone!)

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If you lick me im not coming over.

Hello! Who do i ship myself with? Well isnt it pretty darned obvious.

Weve watched zillions of movies together already though movie of choice would most definitely be avatar and not just because of my interest in the blue dames! Dirk enjoyed it too i hope.

Flattery will get you nowhere. Oh who am i bumbleshitting of course it will.